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Date: 2013.09.03 | Category: Updates | Response: 0

Width added to IN Twitter. Note: it is fully dependant on the width of the area you are placing IN Twitter into.

Date: 2013.08.28 | Category: Updates | Response: 0

Twitter made some changes to its settings and I have updated to accomodate these changes.

You will now be required to get you twitter ID. You can find details on how to do this here: Where to find your twitter ID

Date: 2013.05.20 | Category: Updates | Response: 3

Just added a new feature to check if jquery already loaded. If it is not loaded, then IN Twitter will bring it onto your webpage. Otherwise, it will use the one you already have.

NOTE: IN-Twitter is tested on Jquert 1.7.1 +

Date: 2012.11.15 | Category: Updates | Response: 0

Hi All,

Just cleaned up some code to stop the bullet point turning up for people.

Date: 2012.06.22 | Category: Updates | Response: 3

Hi All,

At last I have totally moved house and am back online again! I have just fixed a issue that some people were experiencing with IN Twitter. Please upgrade to version 3.0.
Version 3.1 should not be far away as I need to do another house keeping session on the code.

Cheers, Ian

Date: 2012.05.21 | Category: Misc | Response: 0

Hi all,

Please accept my apologies on any updates you are waiting on, I have just moved interstate since my holiday and my beautiful desktop computer has been placed in storage until I get into my own place. Once this happens I will complete the updates!

All the best,


Date: 2012.04.15 | Category: Misc | Response: 4

Hi All,

I am going on holiday through Europe/UK over the next few months and wont be able to do any more updates it IN Twitter until I return. If you need support, please feel free to write a comment on any of the posts as as I get internet, I will reply.

Thanks for using IN Twitter!



Date: 2012.03.26 | Category: Updates | Response: 0

Just added the ability to add a Caption to the twitter feed. Hope you enjoy!

Date: 2012.03.20 | Category: Updates | Response: 0

I have just added the Title option to the admin page inside in twitter. This is the Widgets Title, not the wordpress title. I need to learn how to do that one still. If anyone can direct me where to find info, let me know otherwise ill be surfing google. Cheers!

Date: 2012.03.16 | Category: Updates | Response: 0

I have added the ability to change the border colour in the settings area. Also completed a W3C check and fixed issues.